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Staying at Wolf Valley gives you access to an entire 40 acres of secluded woodland. Stroll along the boundless tracks and take in the green, stunning scenery. It's ideal for long walks if you're bringing a dog (available if you're staying in Lakeside only), or explore solo and reconnect with nature. There's also very fast satellite broadband, as well as your own EV charger (payable separately during your stay).

The Lakes.

For Watching

The four lakes at Wolf Valley Wilderness are hotspots for local wildlife. From inquisitive kingfishers to colourful butterflies, take a stroll and see what you can discover. If you enjoy a spot of recreational fishing, the lakes are also brimming with a small – medium sized carp. Although, we do kindly ask that you use barbless hooks.

The Woodland.

For Walking

Not only is Wolf Valley surrounded by 40 acres of land, but it’s all private. In other words, it’s all for you. The secluded area is home to deer, hedgehogs and other woodland creatures. You’ll enjoy exploring the meandering footpaths with the comfort of peace and privacy. It’s the perfect recipe for an escape to nature. 

The Neighbours.

For Company

In the neighbouring fields you’ll see cattle grazing lazily. Or, very occasionally, you may see the local farmer, who will happily wave from afar. There is also a very small touring caravan area at the entrance to the site (very far from both properties). They will not interfere with your holiday and may just be fishing on the lakes. Numbers are always kept to beneath five pitches.

The Location.

For Convenience

The beauty of Wolf Valley is that it offers an escape to nature without being miles away from everything. This secluded sanctuary is just two minutes away from the A30. If you fancy a tasty breakfast, the delicious Strawberry Fields Farm Shop is just down the road, and superstores like Tesco can be reached within a 10 minute drive.

In the evening

A space to wind down

Wolf Valley is all about relaxation. Escape the hustle and bustle of busy cities and retreat to our cabin for a moment of peace. This secluded area has little light pollution, meaning on clear evenings you can enjoy a beautiful starry sky. Swap the sounds of spluttering neighbourhood traffic for the gentle humming of nearby wildlife and we’ll make sure you leave a lot more relaxed than when you arrived.